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A List of Wedding Roles

Introduction Weddings come in all manner of configurations, so the roles you may have to fill for your special day may vary. In the list that follows I'm outlining the most common key roles for a full, traditional wedding ceremony. You might have some, all, or none of these. It's also possible that a role or two will be invented to meet your specific needs. Also note that in what follows a mixed-gender marriage is in view, but all the roles can easily be rearranged for a same-gender marriage. As you're reading you'll likely think of people who can play these parts, and that's the real point. Maid and Matron of Honor and Bridesmaids A maid of honor is a single friend, and a matron of honor married. Whichever is chosen, this person will accompany the bride through wedding preparation, organizing the bachelorette party if there will be one, and being there will the bride through her wedding shower and similar events. The bridesmaids stand by her side at the wedding and

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