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For Such Small Creatures

 "...for small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love." Those words appear in Carl Sagan's only work of fiction, a book called 'Contact' that was eventually made into a movie. According to his daughter, Sasha, they weren't actually written by him. Instead, it was her mother, Ann Druyan, who included them. The book was a collaboration, although Carl's name was put in large print on the cover. In any event, they speak to a feeling that can come very quickly on the heels of awe.  According to our best scientific understandings, the universe that we are a part of came into existence over 14 billion years ago. We don't know if anything existed before, or if it even makes sense to speak of a time before. We also don't know how long this universe will exist. It could be many billions of years, or possibly in some sense forever. One day maybe our descendants will have better means to discover such things.  This universe is large b

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