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A Better Welcome

The image and quote above are from  the 2014 Cosmos series, narrated by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson . The first anatomically modern humans evolved about 300,000 years ago, long before our species developed writing or any of the other accoutrements of civilization. For 18,000+ generations, human beings faced plagues and famines without any guidance regarding basic hygiene, effective resource management, or really anything else. It was a slow slog of figuring things out, interspersed with setbacks from natural and human-made disasters. Advancement was so slow that over the course of hundreds of years people tended to live much as their ancestors did. All that began to change over the past 200 years. When a child is born we immediately set about socializing it. We establish day/night cycles and a feeding schedule for the child. We interact with it, helping its development along as a distinct person. By age 1 it's probably cooing out its first words, and within just a few years,

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