Finding the Right Wedding Officiant

In times past, the question of who would officiate a wedding was often a given. Typically, it was the pastor or priest of the church the family attended. However, our times have changed. Fewer and fewer people are attending church on a regular basis, meaning that selecting an officiant requires more thought and consideration.

When I was in regular, full-time ministry, I often officiated for relatives of members who were not regular church-goers themselves. On a couple of occasions, people even visited the church specifically to seek me out to officiate their wedding. They figured if they could find a church, they'd find an officiant. Nowadays, a common way to find an officiant is to look online, on platforms like The Knot and Wedding Wire. However, a challenge that couples often face with this approach is the cost. I have seen officiants charging upwards of $400 for their time, which can be a significant expense for a couple planning their special day.

As someone who is not trying to make a living out of officiating, it seems unreasonable to me to ask so much for a few hours of my weekend, unless there are additional complexities or extra time required for the ceremony. I simply enjoy helping people tie the knot and welcome the opportunity to do so. With my ministry experience, including officiating ceremonies, as well as formal theological and ministerial training, I am equipped to provide an excellent experience for couples on their special day.

Wedding ceremonies often feel like they are over sooner than one might think, with so much buildup for a brief moment in time. Yet, it is a moment that means a great deal to the couple and their loved ones, a moment that becomes a cherished memory. I welcome the opportunity to help you with your special day and to be a part of creating those lasting memories.

If you're looking for a wedding officiant who values the significance of your ceremony and offers a reasonable approach to cost, I would be honored to discuss how I can be of service to you on this momentous occasion.