Your Officiant, Your Minister

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”George Santayana

As a Humanist minister, I can be there for you for more than a single day.

Over a decade ago I was part of the technology team that supported I had never thought about it before, but wedding brands don't retain people long-term. In the lead-up to a wedding a couple might spends hours using apps and websites to plan and purchase, but once the big day has come and gone, they move on. Thus, wedding sites and services must constantly be working to acquire customers to replace the ones they lose. The same is true of vendors, like photographers, caterers, and officiants. Of course, it helps to build a reputation and gain word-of-mouth recognition. This only makes sense, since what purpose would a wedding site or venue serve for people who are already married?

It's a little different for some, like photographers. After all, marriage often leads to children, and with birthdays and family photoshoots there's every reason to call back the photographer you've come to know and trust. But, what about officiants?

There are other special occasions to mark, and which can be facilitated by an experienced celebrant. Baby naming, child welcoming, Age of Reason, Coming of Age, and more are all options. I can help you with all of those, and more.

In the past, when crisis struck, people would have the minister of their church available to walk with them through it, or at the very least to hear them out. Now, with more people finding community and purpose outside of churches, they often have no one to call in difficult times. While I am not a therapist, I can be there in a pinch. 

My bachelor's degree is in ministry and for a number of years I served churches. Now I'm studying for the Master of Divinity and am endorsed by the Humanist Society. This training and experience has shaped me, and I am available to anyone for whom I have officiated any ceremony. Whether you want help with a ceremony or need someone to accompany you through a trying moment of your life, you can count on me.