Wedding Packages

The options listed below include all necessary consultation to craft the ceremony, and are relevant for New Jersey only. Special rates are also available in some circumstances. For pricing in other states, or to schedule a preliminary phone or video consultation (at no charge), please contact me.

Simple Signing - $100 

The couple, two witnesses, and I will meet in a home, park, or other location simply to meet the bare legal requirements. These are a declaration of intent from each person marrying to enter into the union (think of it as consent), and a pronouncement of marriage from me as the officiant. We'll sign the paperwork, which the couple must bring, and I will take care of filing with the proper authorities. 

Elopement - $200

This is an informal ceremony that can take place in a home, park, or similar location. The couple brings at least two witnesses as well as any friends and family. The wedding itself will be no more than 10 minutes, most likely.

Small (Casual or Traditional) - $350

Usually this type of wedding takes place in a church or other formal venue, and the couple has a minimal wedding party. This format can be customized with special wording or other elements to make it more meaningful to the couple.

Full Formal - Starting at $500

Sometimes people want all the pomp and circumstance possible, and that's just fine. A full formal ceremony takes place in a church or other formal venue and generally includes a a number of friends and family in the proceedings, with large wedding parties and a lot of different roles represented. The ceremony itself can vary in length, typically up to 30 minutes, but the time leading up to the event and following takes up the day. This ceremony is fully customizable, though it tends on the traditional side.