Options for Ceremonies Outside of New Jersey

Although I am focused on officiating ceremonies for people in New Jersey, where I live, other states are a possibility. In fact, for Missouri weddings I would provide a discount from what would usually be expected for a wedding or other ceremony requiring travel.  

For events outside of New Jersey to which I can travel by car within the same day it would be the quoted rate for the ceremony plus 50 cents a mile round trip. Honestly, I think that's pretty reasonable. If transportation will be via train but within the region, it would just be the cost of fare plus a fee for any rideshare that might be required for the final leg to the event and also on return home, on top of the quoted rate for the ceremony. If overnight stays are required, or airfare, these will be charged on top of the quoted rate plus any rideshare or vehicle rental. Also note that I am registered to officiate weddings in the city of New York, where extra requirements are in place for celebrants. 

Given that information it should be apparent that in order to be cost-effective and worthwhile for clients, it's best to bring me on locally. As long as the event isn't over 100 miles from my home in Carteret, NJ, I won't require mileage. Also, I offer discounts for ceremonies held in Carteret as well as in certain locations, such as the Princeton University Chapel. 

What about Missouri? I was born and raised in northeast Missouri, and so if I were booked at least a couple of months in advance I could be persuaded to officiate for just the quoted rate, as long as the event takes place north of I-70. In other words, in Kansas City, Columbia, or St Louis and points north within the state. Further, I can officiate along the southern border of Iowa and western border of Illinois, as that's not far from where I would be staying with family. Really, you'd be giving me an excuse to go home for a visit. 

If you are looking for someone to officiate your wedding, child welcoming, vow renewal, or other milestone event, contact me and I'll be glad to discuss options with you.