Considerations When Selecting an Officiant

When considering who to have officiate your wedding, a number of factors can come into play.

One is religion. For instance, if you're Roman Catholic, you might well want a priest of that faith to do the honors. Or, if your family is Jewish or associated with a Protestant denomination, a rabbi or minister would be appropriate. For an increasing number of people in our times this is becoming less relevant as organized religion is exchanged for personal spirituality. In that case, you'll likely be open to other options.

Another consideration is whether to have a friend or family member officiate. You might have a well-spoken friend that you trust who could work with you to prepare a ceremony. All they would need to make it official is a simple online ordination, assuming that's legally recognized where you plan to wed. A downside, of course, is that they won't necessarily have experience preparing and conducting ceremonies, but if you keep it simple that shouldn't matter.

If you aren't looking for a minister of a particular faith, and you want someone with some preparation you will need to look carefully. Various wedding websites feature lists of officiants offering their services, and the ones featured most prominently are usually the ones who paid the most for their listing. Look carefully at their reviews but also consider their qualifications. In some cases you could be getting someone no more experienced than your uncle with an online ordination, while in others the officiant's qualifications could rival those of many ordained ministers actively serving churches.

In my case, I have an earned, accredited Bachelor of Ministry degree and am currently working toward a Master of Divinity. My endorsement is through The Humanist Society, which sets certain requirements for celebrants and only endorses people with references, preparation, and demonstrated ability to lead in this capacity. 

If you're planning on getting married, or have another event in mind such as baby naming or child welcoming, I'd be glad to assist in preparing and leading the ceremony. Contact me and let's get the conversation started.