A Special Wedding Officiant Rate for Princeton University Students

Photo: Andreas Praefcke (CC BY 3.0)
Shortly after I moved to New Jersey in 2005 I was contacted by a couple who were doctoral students at
Princeton University. They were both from China originally but had lived in the United States for several years to study, and they had met in this country. They explained that they weren't Christians and didn't have a church, and therefore no minister to officiate, but had reserved the Princeton University Chapel because they wanted a Western-style wedding. I was glad to be of service.

The photos below are from that event. One of the couples in attendance approached me afterward and asked if I would officiate their wedding, in that same place, in just two months time. Once again, I was more than happy to oblige. Though I had begun to think I might become a regular at that chapel, which in truth resembles more a cathedral to me, it turns out that was the last time I officiated there.

It isn't easy for people to come to the United States, leaving family behind, and study for advanced degrees in a second language. Really, anyone who puts in the time and effort to achieve a higher level of formal education has my respect. It's usually an expensive proposition, requiring sacrifice whether the student is from overseas or this same state. Having a beautiful wedding in the midst or even at the end of that phase of life is an added wrinkle. 

In honor of those first New Jersey weddings I officiated all those years ago, and in order to help out students who are looking to tie the knot, I have a special offer. Depending on my availability I will officiate for any Princeton University students who have reserved the chapel for their wedding, including consultation on ceremony preparation, a rehearsal, and the wedding itself, for a flat $150. The non-refundable deposit is $75, with the balance due by the day of the ceremony.